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   In the compact SUV segment will be represented Porsche since 2013, Macan model to be positioned below the current Cayenne. Porsche Macan will be 4.5 meters in length (about 25 inches shorter than the Cayenne) and will be built on the platform of the group his cousin Audi Q5 model that will takes technical basis and of course, part of the engine .
What can be inferred is that in terms of propulsion, much awaited Macan be transplanted them under the hood of the recently launched Audi SQ5 TDI turbo diesel sport 3.0-liter TDI. This high performance twin-turboV6 diesel has 313 CP and a maximum torque of 650 Nm delivered at only 1450 rpm full. and constantly until 2,800 rpm. Thus, animated by the compression ignition engine with Porsche Macan might even acceleration times in the 5.1 seconds needed for TDI Audi SQ5 first to reach 100 km / h with the starting place. There will, however, versions 3.0 TDI something domestic, rated over 265 CP.
The name has a resonance Macan exotic, faraway word is borrowed from SE Asia, specifically in Indonesian language, a term that translates into tiger. The meaning of this name could not be more appropriate, as Macan Porsche SUV will be a powerful four-door coupe layout, dynamic, flexible and aggressive. Compared to his older brother Cayenne, thanks to its smaller size and lower weight, Macan Jr. will handle easier, agility is supported by a course that promises to be almost organic. There will be wheels in sizes up to 20 inches and full LED headlights.

The global trend to reduce emissions and consumption across the range, the second Porsche SUV will get under the hood and economical 2.0 TDI turbocharged all through two turbines of capacity, in this case the propeller of a gene bank derived Volkswagen the future four-cylinder diesel that will animates and the Golf GTD VII would generate a power of 200 CP.
 On Macan range will accommodates a new generation of V6 petrol engine with twin-turbo 3.0-liter displacement, but the German manufacturer would be able to equip crossover with a powerful four-cylinder 2.0 TFSI engine home Audi with an output of 245 CP and 350 Nm.
 Unlike the Cayenne S Hybrid that uses heat as part of an aggregate of 3.0 liter petrol and has a total power of 379 CP assembly, Porsche Macan could benefit the future development of a hybrid combination of the current Audi Q5 Hybrid model using tandem between a 2.0 TFSI gasoline engine assisted by an electric motor of 40 kW or 54 CP, which raises the total power to 265 CP.
Macan will be built in 2013 at its plant in Leipzig factory where currently building Panamera sedan and Cayenne SUV, the manufacturer thereof will to start investing half of a billion euros in parallel with the creation of new jobs.
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  1. wow great share bro, i like SUV. thanks for shar :)

  2. The Porsche Macan is going to be a really great looking SUV. I haven't seen any yet, but I understand they will be rolling off the assembly line shortly.

  3. The Porsche Macan is going to be a really great looking SUV. I haven't seen any yet, but I understand they will be rolling off the assembly line shortly.


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